Producer’s Notes

First of all, I have to tell you, “Creator of God: A brain surgeon’s story” is my first documentary film. It started as a book with the same title, but half way through, I had an intuition that it would be more exciting to present my thoughts and ideas in a stunning visual format. I bought a Panasonic P2 high definition camera, took it with me first when I went to Alaska on family vacation. I made some mistakes while learning about the camera and when I thought I was ready to make the film I went to Brazil, Egypt, France, India, Italy, Japan, and Turkey, all great countries to visit.

I get asked which one of the countries was my favorite place to be exotic India, sensual Brazil, historic Egypt, exciting Istanbul, incredible Italy, mythological Greece, gentle Japan or fashionable France? I can’t answer that question. I truly believe that I am a citizen of the world and that all humans are more alike than different, no matter what geographical origin or cultural upbringing they may have. I am happy to say that my global journey confirmed and strengthened that profound belief. People were very friendly and helpful in all the countries where I filmed the documentary. If anybody wants to do the same thing I have one suggestion. Try to film as much as possible early in the morning before the police are up and have their coffee and donuts. Besides, the golden light of early morning is the best light to present the world in anyway.

The experience of making the film has been exciting, exhilarating and enlightening. Sometime in the future I will share my highly enjoyable endeavor of making this film as well as my global journey in more detail.

I am bitten by the film making bug and hope to continue to pursue my passion.